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January 18, 2007
Adirondack Mountain Club, Inc.
Laurentian Chapter
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Members present: Tom Ortmeyer, Betsy Tisdale, Rose Rivezzi, Gene Kaczka, Pat Mueller

Others present: John Barron, Betty Peckham, Neil Burdick

The Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM. The minutes were approved as amended.

Business Items:

1. Discussion/resolution on the Grace Peak presentation to rename two peaks in the Dix Range: We've been asked, as a chapter, if we would endorse the proposal. One peak will be named for Grace Hudowalski and the other for Russell Carson. Both played important leadership roles in the Adirondacks. Betsy Tisdale raised the motion to endorse the proposal to rename the peaks and Gene seconded the motion. All were in favor of the endorsement. Neal said that the process is daunting and can take years. A letter will be prepared by Tom to endorse the proposal that will go into their packet. John Barron recommended a press release giving the relative information and saying that our chapter endorses the proposal. All agreed. Tom will attach the press release to the letter.

2. Proposal from Neal Burdick: Neal's proposal is to name the 47th highest peak which is unnamed to honor Paul Jamieson. There was some discussion about whether the process can begin one year or five years after the person's death. Neal will find out which it is to determine how much time we have before formally initiating the process. There was discussion about whether it would be more appropriate to find a waterway to name after him since his impact and legacy is more associated with canoeing. All the rivers are named. Neal wants the chapter to take over the project and said he would be willing to be on the committee. Rose suggested that we get more information for the next meeting and open it up to the membership who might want to be on the committee that would work on this project. Next newsletter deadline would be March 1 to open it up to the membership to sit on the committee. Neal will prepare something for the newsletter. Betsy said she wanted to be on the committee.

3. Adirondack reader motion: It has been five years since Paul Jamieson's book was submitted to the ADK for publication. We’ve been asked to express interest in its publication by sending a letter from the Executive Committee urging a prompt publication. Tom will send the letter. Rose said it has been over 1 year since they have had any communication regarding their book. Neil said the publication director left and has not been replaced. They don’t have the staff and therefore are way off schedule. The next book that will be published has been waiting 3 years.

4. Membership issues from Marilyn's summary will be put off until the next meeting.

5. Budget (see budget): In 2006 the membership dues that were budgeted were $4,100 which was in line with previous years. Betsy said we put $550 from the checking account into a CD. We now have 452 members on the December report. We need to revise the budget as a result. Betsy said we have more money in saving than we did last year. Gene pointed out that the bank interest could be treated as income.

Rose said we need to do some outings that target different groups in an effort to increase membership.

Tom and Betsy will revise the budget reflecting the drop in funds. It was decided that Friends of Higley, the voluntary trail program and Colby will stay in the budget so the plans can continue on those projects.

6. Webmaster David Katz is happy to be the webmaster but is requesting a backup person so if he is unavailable, someone else would understand how the web site operates. Hollis Easter was suggested as a backup. Tom will contact Hollis to find out if he is interested. If he is not interested, a request for a backup will be put in the newsletter.

7. About 30 of the lean-to books will be needed for the presentation at the spring potluck David Trithart will pick them up.

Officer Reports:

1. Treasurer/Betsy Tisdale reported that she has enjoyed being the treasurer which has surprised her. She said this is a great group to work for as evidenced by the time and effort that went into the Fall Outing raising $3700 for the club.

2. Chapter Archivist/Betty Peckham discussed the photo albums. She has been storing the photos and would like to pass them on. There are 7 books of which she brought five to give to Tom. She will bring the other two after she does some work on them. The seven photo books were assembled by Perry Yaw. She said the long range question is how do we continue to store our photos and our history. Should we save them electronically? She will continue to maintain and store the archives which are in a series of three-ring notebooks and stored in a milk crate. No decision was made regarding future archival storage.

3. Conservation/Gene Kaczka reports that he is working to get the signs up on Stone Valley Trail. The backboards are already up.

Gene went to the Tupper Lake hearing regarding the Adirondack Club and Resort project which encompasses 6400 acres and would result in the development of a 60-unit Inn, 675 single family and multiple family dwelling units, and 24 great camp lots. The room was filled. People spoke passionately on both sides of the issue. The purpose was to try to determine whether it was appropriate to schedule an adjudicatory hearing on the project which would provide a critical in-depth court-style examination of the issues. There is a smaller development in the Catskills that has gone to the adjudicatory process so it seems this project might also.

4. Education/Rose Rivezzi reported that the Indoor Outdoor program is all set up. We have four this year. She has found that presenters need a computer projector. Tom said he has one that can be used for the program.

Rose has contacted a guidance counselor who will contact the other guidance counselors regarding Camp Colby. She wants a name of a teacher for each student for a recommendation. This year she would like some help in choosing the students for the program so that it doesn’t appear that she is biased. She can only pick two. Gene asked whether need was a factor in choosing the students. Rose said she does try to get that information and consider it when making her choice. Tom Ortmeyer and Pat Mueller said they would help in the selection process.

Rose said she will be putting a notice in the March newsletter regarding the high school trail program. We sponsor two students who otherwise could not afford to go. The cost is $200 or $250 depending on the trip. Parents can sponsor their own children and ADK members can also sponsor students. Gene said these trips teach young people the wilderness ethic and may lead to future ADK members.

4. Publicity/John Barron: nothing to report

5. Secretary/Pat Mueller: nothing to report

The next meeting will be March 22, 2007 at the Methodist Church unless otherwise notified.

Pat Mueller

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