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Adirondack Mountain Club Laurentian Chapter
Executive Committee Meeting May 29, 2008
Minutes Developed by John Barron

Executive Committee Members Present: Tom Ortmeyer; Gene Kaczka; Armond Spencer; John Barron

Appointed Officers Present: Dick Mooers; Betty Peckham

Opened meeting at 7:05 PM. The Minutes and Agenda were approved (moved Gene Kaczka, seconded Armond Spencer, carried unanimously)

Conservation (Gene Kaczka)
  • The Ididaride Tour is recommended; it is dedicated to the memory of Betty Lou Bailey.
  • The Environmental Protection Fund was set at $255 million, $5 million increase over last year’s funding level and over the level in the Executive Budget unveiled in January. ADK’s goal was $275M. There was a decrease in public access and Stewardship funds from$22.5 million to $5 million, a 78 percent cut. This funding supports backcountry trail work and the Summit Steward program. $125 million of unspent EPF funds from previous years into the General Fund. This brings the total amount “borrowed” from the EPF since it was created in 1993 to $447 million.
  • ADK has joined several like-minded organizations including the Association for the Protection of the Adirondacks in a tax payment case, concerning a Supreme Court ruling that the State stop paying taxes to municipalities within the Adirondack Park.
  • The Adirondack Council has requested that letters be written to the Governor Paterson regarding the State’s inconsistent ATV policy.
  • Despite a 2003 promise to phase out floatplanes on Lows Lake over five years, the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has released a plan to allow commercial floatplanes to use the lake for up to 10 more years. Using a debatable interpretation of a survey of paddlers on Low’s Lake, they are proposing a permit process to control access. ADK is urging members interested in protecting wilderness to write to DEC and the Adirondack Park Agency and urge them to abandon this illegal and unconstitutional policy.
  • Gene attended the Hydro meeting held in Canton. An informal request was made that the proposals be studied with respect to canoe carries. It was agreed that this would be done.
  • The Town of Parishville was supposed to vote on admission or refusal of ATVs. There was no word of the outcome of the vote at the time of the meeting. Jefferson and St. Lawrence are the only two Counties identified by the Adirondack Council as being at variance with DEC policy on ATVs.

Archivist (Betty Peckham) - Nil.

Outings (Armond Spencer)

Armond has requested comment on the characteristics of the outing schedule: the types of trips and activities being offered and the type of equipment and previous experience needed to take part.

A sample comment had been received from Queenie Fiacco, who favored a simpler program demanding less specialized gear (advanced-design kayaks, specialized hiking gear, etc).

Stone Valley Trail Coordinator (presented by Tom Ortmeyer for Mark Simon)

A written report is attached below.

North Wind (presented by Tom Ortmeyer for John and Susan Omohundro)

E-Mail report from John follows here:

Next North Wind covers July-September. I request officers to get me materials by Jun 1 (except Armond) so I can do some of the layout before I leave town for nearly two weeks.

Red Sandstone Trail Coordinator (presented by Tom Ortmeyer for John Omohundro)

E-Mail report from John follows here:

RRAC has agreed to re-pay Betsy for her wood duck boxes. She should see a check from Brookfield in the next week or so.

I continue to work on another RSSTrail sign for the canoe put-in at the steel bridge, honoring Betty Lou Bailey.

No major trail work day for RSST has been planned. Scouts and we will finish the Gulch on the flow this summer, and I'll receive some help from YCC, and that will probably do it.

I have purchased four clear plastic brochure boxes for outdoor use. Each has three compartments. Mark Simon expressed interest in two of them, so I propose to put two on SV, two on RSST. I'm thinking of putting the two trail brochures and then maybe either a Brookfield brochure or the ADK brochure in them. The four boxes with postage cost $65, so I seek authorization from you to ask Betsy to cut me a check.

Membership (presented by Tom Ortmeyer for Geri Ames)

The Laurentian Chapter has 274 households; 405 voting members; 230 associated members.

Education (presented by Tom Ortmeyer for Rose Rivezzi)

There is one candidate for High School Volunteer Trails.

E-Mail report follow here:

I won't be able to make the meeting. I have nothing to report. I have the one trail work person and I'll contact Betsy about sending payment. Let me know if I can do anything. Rose

Director (David Trithart)

There was no board meeting during the period, so nil report.

Chair (Tom Ortmeyer)

  • Tom requested anyone serving on Club committees to self-identify, for recognition.
  • Betty Lou Bailey Memorials: 1) The Schenectady Chapter is making an undesignated contribution to the Club in Batty Lou’s memory; 2) The Laurentian Chapter’s designation of its contribution is deferred until next meeting. Neil Woodworth apparently requested Laurentian Chapter recommendation on how to spend the Jamieson fund; Tom Ortmeyer will determine what Neil meant and advance that issue.
  • Consideration should be given to establishing a Young Adult special interest group, and/or creating special events and outings for this demographic.
  • Members were requested to identify prospective members of the Nominating Committee for 2009. Replies to Tom Ortmeyer.
  • Suggested recipients of the Chapter’s Distinguished Volunteer Award were solicited. Replies to Tom Ortmeyer.
  • Arrangements must be made for the Fall Potluck, which is planned to take place in Canton. Betty Peckham will research possible venues, including the Unitarian Church and the Fire Station. November 2 is the chosen date. Ideas for a speaker are solicited, replies to Tom Ortmeyer. Dick Mooers made one suggestion, Roy Horst on the topic of how animals prepare for winter.

E-Letter Editor (Dick Mooers)

Dick will conduct a survey of E-Letter recipients, and will develop a proposal to the Executive of ways the E-Letter could be made more useful. This may include letting non-chapter activity announcements be included, as well as late-developing Chapter events that missed the North Wind deadline.

Treasurer (Tom Ortmeyer available to answer questions on behalf of Betsy Tisdale) - Nil.

Secretary (John Barron) - Nil.

Publicity (John Barron) - Nil.

Next Meeting: August 21

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