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Proceedings of the meeting on November 19, 2005

Marilyn Gillespie of the North Woods Chapter convened the meeting at 10:10 a.m. and introduced Sandra Hildreth of the Laurentian Chapter who presented a power point program about the Adirondack Curriculum Project. Sandra answered questions and distributed information about the program. She included the web address and asked those present to let teachers and others in their area know about the project.

The group then moved to the library for the remainder of the meeting. Those present introduced themselves and gave their chapter affiliation.

  • Albany: Curt Miller
  • Algonquin: Alix Heuston and Lynn Valenti
  • Black River: Ron Fillhart and Phil Waite
  • Cold River: John & Jackie Mallery
  • Hurricane: Tony Lucas, Marcia Mosey, Tony Lucas
  • Shatagee Woods: Jane Kelting and Sue Smith
  • Laurentian: Sandy Hildreth, Carolyn Kaczka, Ann Spencer and Eileen Wheeler
  • North Woods: Dean Baker, Peter & Marilyn Gillespie, and Dick Harvey

Marilyn introduced Curt Miller, the incoming President of ADK, and gave a short description of his ADK role. Curt spoke briefly about his hopes for ADK and invited attendees to speak with him later about specific concerns.

The group then discussed the possibilities for chapters to sponsor students for the volunteer trail work programs with ADK. Members of the Laurentian chapter spoke about their chapter work on this. Those interested in further information may contact Eileen Wheeler at or Sandy Hildreth at A brief description of the program and the 2005 working budget for the program was passed around.

Chapters highlighted their activities in the 2 ˝ years since we last met.


  • Updating our local kids challenge
  • Ongoing education with the Westport and Elizabethtown Schools for a day at the LOJ (twice a year at a cost of $250 to $300 for bus transportation)
  • In July and August the chapter collaborates with ATIS and the Keene Valley chapter on activities
  • Monitoring the East branch of the Ausable River


  • Trail sponsorships for students
  • Work on the Red Sandstone and Stone Valley trails
  • Running the 2006 Fall Outing in the Star Lake/Cranberry Lake area. Dates are Sept. 29 – Oct. 1, 2006

Black River

  • Running the 2006 Winter Outing at Tug Hill. Dates are January 27 – 29, 2006
  • Trying to get more members involved
  • Many transient members because of Fort Drum

Cold River

  • Newly revitalized perhaps because of retirees moving to the area from other ADK chapters
  • Very enthusiastic with monthly pot-lucks drawing 40 – 50 participants and weekly outings with good participation

North Woods

  • Consistent outings participation
  • Monthly (October – April) pot-lucks draw 60 to 80 participants
  • Maintain the Scarface Mountain trail
  • Are doing a few joint outings with the Hurricane Chapter
  • Adding a few outings with a higher level of difficulty
  • Past problem over chapter member using the email list for political purposes, the listing now contains a statement that it is for chapter business only.
A general note on this was that chapters should send messages using the BCC (blind carbon copy).


  • Note that Marilyn Smith and Nancy Olsen did the La Petit du Nord (a bicycle trip) several years ago and are willing to present a program on it to chapters. Contact Nancy at:
  • Still unable to find a ‘new’ chapter chair
  • Worked to repair the roof on the Poke-O-Moonshine lean-to.
  • The Friends of Poke-O-Moonshine are trying to involve the chapter with it’s Friends group
  • The Episcopal Church in Plattsburgh owns a property in Sugar Bush (route 3 en route to Plattsburgh) and the camp might be available for chapters to hold outings. Contact Lynn Valenti at 34 Cumberland Avenue, Plattsburgh, NY 12901-1815 or (518) 562-0553 for more information.

Shatagee Woods

  • The smallest ADK chapter with 100 members, coving the area around Malone
  • Supported a nature trail at Saranac Central School – both $’s and work
  • Reaching out to other schools in the area about conservation
  • Seeking to explore more in the Domtar lands, seeking a future trails system
  • Working to have a new trail up Lyon Mountain
  • Working to eradicate invasive land species (purple loosestrife).

Curt Miller: How to we “groom” our successors?
Lynn Valenti: need for a chapter chair job description, especially in the area of the expectations of ‘main club.’
Tony Lucas: Why is there no longer a student member4ship?
Other: We should be using the internet to allow those in the 18 – 30 age range to interconnect.

Next meeting:
How often does this group want to meet? By consensus, the decision was to meet yearly, preferably in November (unless something comes up in the interim)

The responsibility of the host chapter is to: provide coffee, prepare an agenda, find a program and pay the VIC fee.

Many felt that a rotating list of host chapters should be provided.

The 2006 meeting will be hosted by the Algonquin Chapter, the 2007 meeting by the Black River Chapter.

Recorded by Marilyn Gillespie

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