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North Country Roundtable

Highlights of the meeting on November 18, 2006


  • Alix Heuston (Algonquin)
  • Ron Filhart, Phil Waite (Black River)
  • Ruth Kuhfahl, George & Marcia Mosey (Hurricane)
  • Dean Baker, Sandy Hildreth, Marilyn Gillespie (North Woods)
  • Geri Ames (Laurentian)
  • Sue Smith (Shatagee Woods)
  • ADK staffers Lorraine Di Simone, Chris Jackson, Wes Lampman

Lorraine Di Simone, ADK membership staff, exchanged ideas with chapters for improving member retention and records accuracy. Both staff and chapters compiled a lengthy list of suggestions.

Wes Lampman, Director of Field Projects, discussed chapter involvement in trail projects, such as supervised volunteer trail programs, the professional trail crew, and summit stewards. Chapters already help financially with all these programs. Several ideas were raised for projects chapters could support, and how ADK staff could assist them.

The afternoon concluded with chapters reporting on what they've been concentrating on. Featured were firetowers, invasive plant identification and eradication, trail work, planning the 2008 Fall Outing, and trail interpretation.

The 2007 meeting will be planned by the Black River Chapter around November 17. They will inquire about meeting at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake.

Thanks to Marilyn Gillespie for keeping minutes of the Roundtable.

North Country Roundtable Archive

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