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July 18, 2012

Vice-Chair, Outings
Bill Mueller

In the Spring Quarter (Apr-May-Jun) we had 17 completed events that took place out of 20 scheduled. A report for one of the trips is still pending. The 20 includes the ADK potluck but not the “Black-Fly Affair”. This is an 85% success rate for the Spring Quarter, contrasting sharply with about a 33% success rate this past Winter. We had a lot of problems with the weather. It was either too cold (one birding/ski trip had to be cancelled for this reason, or lack of winter altogether-the other ski/birding trip was cancelled--no snow!). The main reason for the low response rate was probably weather though this was mixed up with “lack of interest”. It is possible that some assumed the worst and just didn’t bother calling the trip leader. As the winter newsletter mentioned winter did occur in the central Adirondacks, and we saw more success there. Four of five scheduled trips with difficulty level of 4+ in the high peaks, did take place (80%).

For the summer Quarter (Jul-Aug-Sep) we have had a great response from trip leaders. Thank you everyone! 20 outdoor events are on the schedule, with 3 cycling trips, 9 paddling trips (including 4 Wednesday evening “paddle-picnics” and 1 “gourmet” paddle-potluck), and 8 hiking trips, including a trip planned to Acadia National Park for members, and 4 hikes in the high peaks. On the schedule as well are a garage sale to benefit the chapter and a planning meeting for the Acadia event.

Backtracks - We had 9 trip reports for the Winter Quarter North Wind, and 15 for the current (July-September) issue that span trips taken between March 25 and June 2. The reports continue to come in in a timely fashion.

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