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July, 2009

Vice-Chair, Outings
Hollis Easter

Looking at the outings schedule for this quarter, I’m impressed by our members. We’ve put together a varied set of trips that really offers something for just about anyone.

Want to help lead a trip? I’m currently doing the outings schedules by email, and if you haven’t been getting period notes from me about outings, you aren’t on my list! Email me at if you’d like to join my ADK Leaders list.

Several of this summer’s outings are part of a New Hiker Series sponsored by the Chapter. Our aim is to offer a fun-filled introduction to hiking that’s accessible for anyone--not just people who already know how and where to hike.

Will you help us to get the news out about these trips? If you’re reading these words, chances are good that you're an ADK member, which means that I’m preaching to the choir. Will you share this schedule with someone else, or invite a friend to join us on an outing?

I saw first-hand how powerful an invitation could be last weekend. A friend and I went and climbed Camel’s Hump, a 4000-footer on the other side of Burlington. On the way to the summit, we chatted with the usual collection of experienced hikers, but I spent more time talking to a group of beginners from Tennessee. One person in their group was a more experienced hiker, and he’d invited the others to come.

Every new vista brought cries of admiration. They were in a new, beautiful world, and it was all thanks to the invitation of a friend. Will you help us to share that with someone new this summer? Spread the word about the Adirondacks, and help us welcome some new friends to the outdoors.

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